Each year we invite different groups to submit for funding and as a committee, we decide which group most needs our support.

As a committee we have an obligation to those who generously donate, that the money is used the best way possible, helping as many women as possible, for as many years as possible.

To apply for funding – download the funding application document and return to the committee by:

  • Post: PO BOX 1367 Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

To assist you with your submission read the Funding Criteria Tips.

Each beneficiary must supply a minimum 20 hours on the Golf and Race Days in January. The beneficiary is to assist promoting and supporting our fundraising by working and setting up the merchandise and raffle tables at the Golf and/or Race Days.

Please feel free to email the committee or call Tanya Johnson (0400 537 510) if you have any questions or need assistance with your submission.

Pink Silks Say Thank You

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