Pink Silks Trust raised $27K at the Ladies Long Lunch at Latitude 30 for 2 full home bed + mobility packages


2 x Homecare Full Electric Nursing Care bed, with horizontal foldable rails and bed clamps for up to 200kgs

2 x Advanced Hybrid Static Care Support Surface Mattress

2 x Gentle Critical Care Air Mattress System

4 x Lightweight walking frames

3 x Mobile Shower Commode, Swingback Arms + Injection moulds + accessories

4 x Lightweight aluminium -Manual Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Palliative Care is a vital service for individuals of all ages suffering from a terminal cancer/illness, with little or no chance of a cure or survival.

The primary goal of Palliative Care is to offer timely and appropriate care services and to support to these individuals and their families, enhance their quality of life and provide the flexible options to do this within their homes, aged care facility or the hospital.

In the absence of sufficient care and support during these critical moments, the challenges of managing end-of-life care at home can become overwhelming, potentially leading to the necessity of hospital care as the only viable option

Loan of Equipment for the option to spend their last days or weeks comfortably in their home surrounded by those they shared life with and loved, like friends and family.

It is not just having the appropriate equipment BUT it is having it available to use.

The loan of this equipment also eases the financial burden at this difficult time too