Gynecological Department (new service)- examination bed, sterilisable equipment and 2 x Dictaphones

Perioperative (Theatre) Department- 2 x Breast Light retractors + 2 x HD monitors/stands

Emergency Department- BiPap Machine

Palliative Care Unit- equipment for home care of terminal patients-several donations

Maternity Unit- ultrasound machine for birthing suite

Intensive Care Unit- portable ventilator (life support machine) & Prismaflex

Stroke and Rehabilitation Unit- equipment and refurbishment of rehabilitation unit

MNC Brain Injury and Rehabilitation Unit- ½ car for home visits (shared)

Sexual Assault Unit- women/young females- beautifying examination room

BreastScreen Australia- larger breast screen plates for mammograms

The Young and the Breastless Support group

Coffs Harbour Hospital – 5 x Medical Grade AED (Defibrillators) 

Intensive Care Unit – MRI-compatible Ventilator

Coffs Harbour Health Campus