Following a $15,000 donation from Pink Silks in 2023, the Coffs Rotary Club, in partnership with the Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club where able to install remote rescue tubes the identified locations listed below, including:

  • Tuckers Rocks, Bonville Beach x 1
  • Murrays Beach, Sawtell x 2
  • Boambee Beach (North End) x 1
  • Jetty Beach x 2
  • Park Beach x 1
  • Diggers Beach x 2
  • Charlesworth Bay x 1
  • Korora Bay x 1
  • Campbells Beach x1
  • North Sapphire Beach x1
  • Shelly Beach (Serenity Bay) x 1
  • Emerald Beach x 1

At each of these locations, a Pink Silks Trust sticker has been placed on the boxes funded by the Trust. In addition to the 15 boxes installed as a result of the PST donations, the initiative has also placed Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving identifiers on 15 boxes. With 84 tubes installed throughout the LGA, the initiative’s next step is to attempt to spread these units across NSW and beyond

To date, thirteen lives have been saved by these 84 units, no value can be made on these lives as I’m sure the people rescued, and their families would attest.

Attached is a map of all the locations the tubes have been installed. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the tube’s locations whenever you head out to a local beach, in case of emergency.